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Sinnaco Durian Specialist

I've never go to expensive places to eat durian but this place was worth it. We bought the ones that are placed outside the store. D24 & Durian Emas. One is bitter and the other is sweet. We were laughing at how ridiculously huge the Durian innards were. Almost the size of your fist. Those 2 Durians costed the three of us around RM124. But we were seriously full and satisfied. I guess once per year, RM 30-40 per person is worth it...?(Beginning to question himself) You be the judge! Oh they also provide plastic gloves and readily packaged durian for takeaways.
Reed Anuar
The BEST Fruit in the WORLD!!! Just got this BEAUTY old tree hillop Musang King delivery in KL, I ordered from @sinnaco_durian !!! Do you love durian? I'm a huge fan but understand why it gets the hate, it's so polarising! t's banned on buses, from hotels and public areas all across Asia because of the smell! Have you tried it? I can eat every day it's so good!!! #malaysia #malaysianfood #durian #eating #athome
The Food Ranger
Was in Malaysia for a trip in December and discovered there was a minor durian season, so my partner and I went on the hunt for a reputable vendor. I’m not particularly knowledgeable about durian, but the Sinnaco staff were incredibly friendly, and offered helpful advice about which Musang King durian to try, and how they differed in flavor. We tried four durian over two separate visits—they were all delicious.
Margaret Suzanne
Sinnaco Durian Specialist